Magic ManaStrike Gameplay Tips, Tricks & Walkthrough – Ultimate Guide

Magic ManaStrike Game

Miracle: ManaStrike is the particular latest Clash Royale-inspired real-time card battler hitting mobile, plus it’s pretty much good. It’s furthermore potentially much more complicated than Clash Suprême, so even though you are an expert at that you may find yourself struggling here.

So we thought we’d put together a beginner’s guide to help ease you into the experience. We’ll detail exactly how it works and provide you with a bunch of tips and tricks.

Magic: ManaStrike Beginner’s Guide

How it Works

If you’ve played Clash Royale, you should find Magic: ManaStrike instantly familiar. It’s a very similar experience, with you building a deck of heroes, units, and spells, and then heading on out into real-time strategy battles against real opponents. Battles play out the same too, with you spending Mana (instead of Elixir) to play cards in your deck. Mana recharges over time, so you’ll have to manage it to gain the upper hand over your opponent.

Your goal is to destroy the opponent’s main tower, which in this game takes the form of a Planeswalker. Each player has three towers, and the winner is the player who destroys the most towers within three minutes. If it’s still a draw at three minutes, a 60 second overtime period initiates. If it’s a draw at the end of this period, the match ends as a draw.

To actually destroy an opponent’s tower, you’ll need to play cards, which is where your deck comes in. Swipe a card on the playing discipline and it may appear where an individual placed it. You will ideally get a new strategy in brain, that is determined by simply your deck.

This specific is where Wonder: ManaStrike’s unique feel is necessary: its several several types of Mana. This specific includes White, Azure, Black, Red, in addition to Green, with each and every type including its unique cards. That gives a bunch regarding different playstyles to be able to check out, nevertheless also far more to be able to learn.

Each Dimana type has their own Planeswalkers, which often basically function as characters that you could drop onto typically the battlefield at virtually any moment at no cost. They will also have their particular own pair of playing cards to play, which often, again, are free of charge. Choosing your Planeswalker and Mana sort will be the first huge decision you help to make.

There are likewise numerous cards of which you can employ across all diverse Mana types, thus you won’t actually be starting coming from scratch if an individual decide to alter Mana type afterwards amongst people. Instead, each and every type supplies a whole lot of its very own cards that supply a bunch regarding different opportunities regarding synergy.

Tips in addition to Tricks

Now of which you comprehend the essentials, let’s have a look at a new few more certain guidelines.

Pick your current Planeswalker: Picking your current Planeswalker should end up being the first factor you are doing when an individual exit the training. Not only carry out all of them provide an individual with a special hero unit to play on the battlefield, but each has its own unique Mana type. You won’t have many cards unlocked at this point so just go with the Planeswalker that appeals most to you.

Look for opportunities for synergy: As you start unlocking cards, look for opportunities to create synergies. Various different cards provide unique properties to specific units around them, and you’ll want to build a deck around these useful cards.

Play with a strategy: Don’t just throw cards down like there’s no tomorrow, as Mana takes time to recharge. It’s also really easy for your opponent to counter that strategy. Instead, either decide on a strategy and play it or wait to counter your opponent’s actions.

Your Planeswalker hero is free – use it: While cards cost Mana to play, your Planeswalker in addition to its skills seldom. So don’t merely keep them inside your hand ~ play them. You have nothing to shed. We might recommend of which you play these people appropriately though, in addition to keep them properly defended.

Get your current daily rewards: Each and every day, you will get several free goodies regarding both logging inside and playing typically the game. We advise doing whatever that takes to have just about all of your free of charge stuff each time – particularly if you have no plans to pay for content down the line.

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