Knighthood Gameplay Guide, Tips, Tricks & Walkthrough For iOS & Android

Knighthood Game

Given that you’re a few days or so deep into Knighthood, King and Midoki’s new midcore hack-and-slash adventure, you’re probably starting to come up against enemies that are a lot tougher than the ones you were wiping the floor with earlier in the game.

Don’t worry though, because we’ve been putting a lot of time into the game, and we’ve found some strategies and secrets that are going to ensure your journey to becoming the greatest Rage Knight the world has ever seen is going to go swimmingly.

If you’ve got your own hints and tips, we’d love you to share them in the comments section at the bottom of the article – and if there’s anything you’re having trouble with, be sure you let us know and we’ll do our best to try and help you out of whatever sticky situation you’ve found yourself in.

Run the Gauntlet

The Gauntlet is the most important weapon in your arsenal, and the sooner you understand that, the better you’re going to do in the game. It might not do as much damage as the weapon you’ve got equipped, but since it charges up your super special moves, it’s key not to focus too much on slicing and put some work into punching.

It’s a great idea to build up your Gauntlet power over the first round so that it’s ready to use when the tougher enemies begin to turn up. Find heroes which have status effects in their special moves and you’ll do even better – flames and acid will linger, doing damage over time.

You also need to upgrade your gauntlet, using special coins that you’ll get from finishing off certain fights. Don’t just focus on powering up a single part of the meaty mitt though, make sure you’re upgrading everything and you’ll do just fine.

Upgrade, Upgrade, Upgrade

Where in other games you’ll build up a set of armour and weaponry that’ll see you through the whole experience, things in Knighthood are a little different. Your weaponry and your heroes are strong against different types of enemies, which can make them extremely useful sometimes, and super not useful at others.

That will means when you get an impressive weapon it’s important to begin levelling it up, even if it’s not that useful at the moment. Just circular the corner there is likely going to be enemies that are going to quake in worry at your powerful new chopper, as long as you’ve toughened it up enough to crack them into items.

The same will go for your heroes – you’re heading to be unlocking them on a pretty regular foundation, and it can be easy to get attached to a duo and keep them on side. That’s not going to reduce it though : but don’t be concerned, we’ll let you know a terrific way to update heroes you’re not using within the next area.

Shrine of Heroes

About halfway around the second amount of the map you unlock you are going to find the Shrine of Heroes. It is a great way to level-up heroes when they’re not in your team, and it’ll bag you various other swanky rewards as well.

Essentially the shrine lets you send your Heroes off by themselves part adventures. They’ll vanish for a few minutes of a few hours, based on which mission you send them on, and when they return they’ll have earned a whole bunch of XP that’s heading to make them far more useful in the long run.

Ensure you’re not sending away useful heroes – ones that are strong against the enemies in the area you are – unless of course you need to level them upward and do not have any scrolls. You’ll find scrolls in a number of places, and they can also boost the XP of your backup characters, but you don’t get many, so making good use of the Shrine of Heroes is an excellent idea.

Get Every thing

Putting your signature on in to Knighthood on a daily basis will make sure you’re getting all of the goodies the game has to offer. There’s plenty more to get too, because of daily difficulties, sidequests and more.

You’ll also open mines as you play, that may give you resources you can spend on new equipment or use for upgrade the swords and shield you’ve already received. It’s also a good idea to keep an attention on the crème you’ve got prepared – they can really replace the course of a combat if it’s not on track.

Watch out for special monsters that pop up on the map as well – they will drop big rewards if you can take them down, and those are precisely the sort of rewards you ought to be after. The game is incredibly good at enabling you know when there’s something taking place as well, so check your signals regularly to make certain youre not missing out there.

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